Closed-Loop Automation

Agile, Assured and Accelerated Network Operations using Closed Loop Automation

Closed-Loop Automation​​​

Veryx is working in telco environments contributing in the areas of SDN and NFV-based projects and initiatives involving intent-based provisioning and closed-loop automation for service lifecycle orchestration, service provisioning and service assurance.

Veryx consultants are familiar with commercial service orchestrators such as Adva Ensemble, Atrinet NetACE and Ciena Blue Planet, and open source orchestrators such as ONAP. The ideal solution typically would support the ability to communicate with virtual or physical multi-vendor infrastructures for both brownfield and greenfield deployments in a variety of ways such as YANG, NETCONF, REST, gRPC, SNMP, etc., as well as cloud-native environments supporting Kubernetes (K8s) based container orchestration and micro-services.​​​

MEF has also developed LSO (Lifecycle Services Orchestration) specifications with open APIs to automate the entire lifecycle for services orchestrated across multiple provider networks and multiple technology domains within a provider network.​​​

Based on customer service delivery requirements, Veryx helps Telcos in selecting the appropriate service orchestrators and performing the necessary integration & customization to support flow-through looped automation. Some of the steps our team can help you with are:​​​

Network Discovery​​

Discover the as-is state of network and services for intent and adaptive network and service management.​​​​

Service logic​​​

Veryx studies customer’s service requirements and sets up the service orchestrator to enable translation of business intent into specific service logic.

South-bound plugins/adaptors​​​​

Veryx customizes and develops resource adaptors for configure the vCPEs, provision NMS/EMS, to send the intents to the SDN-domain and orchestrate VNFs

Service validation​​​​​

Finally, Veryx performs the validation to ensure that the entire closed-loop automation sequence works well, in tandem with associated telemetry and analytics. Veryx also assesses the scalability and performance aspects of the service orchestrator and fine-tunes it, as required.

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