Analytics & BI

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence for Telcos using Big Data and AI

Analytics & Business Intelligence​​​

Telcos generate huge amounts of data—information from telemetry, transactions, connected devices and other sources, which are often not effectively put to use.​

Veryx Telco Data & Analytics helps customers to define a strategy to embed data analysis and data reasoning into the decision-making processes, using analytics to tackle some of the most complex business challenges.​​

Veryx uses best-in-class tools and technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, thereby helping clients derive value from a diverse ecosystem to provide competitive advantage and operational efficiency. We develop practical journeys with significant benefits, leveraging our data monetization techniques to identify and implement opportunities to commercially exploit data assets to establish new revenue streams.


At Veryx we help Telco customers in their Analytics Strategy as well as utilize maturity models to assess data capabilities and identify gaps. We also help to determine the optimal manner to move data from legacy databases to modern databases and gain the transformative effect of cloud, mobile, and big data analytics for better agility.​

Big Data, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence​​

Veryx uses Big Data Engineering services to enable our customers to conceptualize and implement a well-thought-out Big Data program with new capabilities.​​

Our DWBI services range from establishing process, technologies, and tools needed to build a data warehousing and BI infrastructure to tactical business/technology help to support or enhance an existing DW/BI infrastructure.​

Managed Big Data, Data warehouse, BI and Analytics Services​

Our Managed Big Data Service is a one-stop shop offering for our telco customers where we manage the end-to-end of Data Services with ownership of service delivery from Consulting, Implementation, Migration, Infrastructure sizing, provisioning & complete platform support.​​​

Data Engineering Services​

Data Engineering powers all the data pipelines and inner workings of the telcos, helping in decision making for better business outcomes – in customer experience, for capacity planning, reducing churn etc. Veryx offers comprehensive traditional, Hadoop and NoSQL Managed Services to help our customers data administration and support requirements.​​​​

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