NFVI / VNF Testing

Transforming to Adaptive Network Operations: Agile, Orchestrated and Data-centric

Telco Transformation

The global telco industry landscape is changing faster than ever, with the transformation to digital being well underway. While many telcos have embarked on journeys to become adaptive digital service providers due the increasing demand for OTT services and explosion of digital content, the challenge of shifts in terms of technology cycles, competitor actions and customer needs continue. The transformation underway include the shifts needed:​​

  • From the current traditional offerings, to a diverse portfolio of offerings
  • From discrete and proprietary network elements to an autonomously managed, virtualized infrastructure, supporting micro services-based container orchestration​
  • From closed management systems to an open API-based architecture and ecosystem​
  • From limited data exploitation to a uniformly orchestrated data-centric enterprise​

Veryx contributes to each of these journeys in a significant way. Having developed solutions in telco service design and monitoring for a decade, Veryx has extended its expertise in customizing service orchestrators for customer service roll-outs, customizing and integrating orchestrators, providing strategic analytics, as well in testing for NFVI and VNFs.​​