5G Development

5G Development

The fifth generation of mobile wireless communications technology is 5G is here. 5G promises lower latency, faster speeds and greater load capacity by using shorter, higher-frequency bands of the radio spectrum.

Veryx partners with network equipment vendors and Telcos to take them closer to their 5G ambition in two primary areas: Development and Automation. With deep engineering and product design expertise, coupled with our vast experience in communications and product engineering services, we innovate and generate unique experiences for our customers.

5G Software Development (Core and RAN)

The design and development of the next generation of networks requires knowledge and expertise in using cloud-native approach, with microservices and container-ready architecture and support for high-performance virtual network functions (VNF). Software define network (SDN) enables configuration, optimization and control from centralized location or aggregation points for the underlying 5G infrastructure.

O-RAN Architecture (source: https://www.o-ran.org/)

Veryx 5G development services cover radio access network (RAN) Intelligent Controller, FCAPS and OAM. Veryx has expertise and know how to build next generation 5G networks having microservices and container ready architecture which run on high performance VNFs. Veryx xApps development services for nRT-RIC (Near-real time RAN Intelligent Controller), is aligned with O-RAN specifications and serves as a critical component in enabling open and virtualized RAN.

Veryx also offers support in enabling ORAN management plane with NETCONF/YANG and REST application programming interfaces (APIs).


Telcos have a lot to gain from adopting DevOps practices in the era of 5G. DevOps is used to optimize a software delivery cycle, including everything from feature development to operations across disciplines (development, customer engagement and operations) through to continuous delivery (CD) practices. Both CD and lean management practices bind together continuous integration, delivery, release and deployment activities across teams and stakeholders. DevOps helps in improving the time to market, reliability and quality.

Veryx has rich automation experience which comes from the product development experience of various automation tools for Network equipment manufactures and Service providers. Veryx team helps in automating and implementing lean process for successful implementation of CI/ CD.

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