Data Governance, MDM & DQM

Data Governance, Master Data Management & Data Quality Management​​​

Data Governance strategy ensures that an organization’s information assets are formally, properly, proactively and efficiently managed throughout the enterprise to secure its trust & accountability. This strategy comprises a combination of collection of data, revising and standardizing it, and making it good for use with better user accessibility controls to make data consistent. Data Governance ensures that critical data is available at the right time to the right person, in a standardized and reliable form. This results in better organization of business operations. Adopting and implementing Data Governance can result in improved productivity and efficiency of an organization.

Benefits of having a data governance program are:​​

  • Better understanding & mapping of corporate data​
  • Improved decision-making​
  • Improved Customer Experience​
  • Greater Data Quality & Control​
  • Better collaboration​
  • Regulatory Data Compliance​
  • Data Security​

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