Advanced Analytics & AI

Advanced Analytics & AI​​

Data Analytics is the process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating meaningful Insights from available data. At Veryx we understand the need and the importance of this amazing technology. Enterprises that understand their data better, compete better in the market and also get better at what they do. There is so much hidden in plain sight when it comes to data, we at Veryx help our customers bring this to the forefront. We help our customers to better describe, predict, and improve their business performance. We take pride in helping our customers make effective & meaningful decisions.​

Analytics as a service​​​

Veryx’s Analytics as a Service (AaaS) is an analytical platform offering powered by cloud-based delivery model, where various components required for full scale data analytics is made available and can be configured by our customers to efficiently process and analyze their Data.

Our platform generates these analytic insights using our internal data processing components which orchestrate specific tasks within an analytical workflow. Our workflows are built using a collection of services that implement data transformations, data quality checks, corrections, Data models & analytical algorithms; powered by Machine Learning.​

Our customers are in control of their Data and also the processes that are applied to them. This means in some cases the data can go through custom processes for enrichment using the internal or standardized external data-sets and data sources. Our AaaS platform is designed to help customers bring value to their raw data as quickly as possible with utmost flexibility, modularity & extensibility.

Some of the common areas where our platform can be used are:

  • Analytics​
  • ​Web Analytics​
  • ​Application Analytics​
  • Security Analytics​

Enterprise Information & Search Analytics​

Veryx’s Enterprise Search platform & Analytics (VESPA) is designed to bring together all of the information you need increase the certainty of your insights and decisions. Our platform catalogs every data source – structured and unstructured, internal and external, centralized and distributed – therefore giving quick and easy access of precious information to our customers​

Veryx delivers the full range of capabilities required to discover insights and support decisions powered by AI, including:​

  • Easy Connections – follow industry standard connectors​
  • Easy ingestion​
  • Ingest from variety of data sources​
  • Configure for batch or incremental​
  • Ingest using standard/customized templates​
  • Full/partial indexing of content​
  • Metadata Driven Data Organization –
  • Indexing/Cataloging – ‘schema-on-read’ & ‘Schema-on-write’​
  • Easy Data Access – leverage one of the various industry standards for data consumption​
  • Leverage VESPA’s extensible APIs​
  • Leverage Platform Based Vanilla APIs​

There are insights hidden in enterprise data and VESPA discerns document meaning and correlates across data sources – revealing those insights with speed and precision.

SIEM & Cyber Security​​​​

Veryx’s SIEM framework collects & aggregates event data produced by disparate enterprise sources like security devices, network infrastructure, systems and applications. It is also tightly integrated with Veryx’s visibility line of products (Cloudmon, vTap, Xorus, FlowAnalyzer etc.) therefore bringing terrific value to our customers.

Our customers can now deploy SIEM in a matter of hours using Veryx’s tapping modules or they can integrate with commercial products in a plug-and-play fashion. It also comes with out of the box analytics capabilities for SEM, UEBA, NTA, compliance reporting or can be customized according to our customer’s needs. It provides near real-time analysis of events for security monitoring and data models for historical analysis.

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