SD-WAN, Carrier Ethernet and IP network testing

SAMTEST - Network Testing

Automated Service Testing, Benchmarking and Diagnostics

Even as networks are seeing exponential traffic growth fuelled by higher mix of video traffic, telco service providers are trying to reduce operational costs while focusing on increasing customer satisfaction and SLA adherence.

SAMTEST is an award winning, one-stop solution for service testing from Layer 2 through Layer 7, all in a single network test tool. More and more service providers and operators are finding how SAMTEST saves them tremendous savings in time and opex.

SAMTEST benefits

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SAMTEST use cases

SAMTEST provides the efficiency and capabilities required by service providers to effectively design, roll-out and manage their SD-WAN, Carrier Ethernet and IP network services for Business Services, Cloud and Data Center Interconnect, Mobile Backhaul (4G or 5G) and Wholesale. SAMTEST also enables service providers to benchmark specific sections of Access, Metro and Core networks and expedite end-to-end troubleshooting. SAMTEST may be used by equipment vendors who want to perform testing before deployment in production networks.

SAMTEST with its support for virtual test probes (vProbes) is well suited for the Life-cycle Service Orchestration (LSO) world, where dynamic service configuration, turn-up testing, on-demand monitoring is required for testing networks.


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SAMTEST feature support

SAMTEST is a versatile network test solution that supports a wide range of standards involved in service design, turn-up testing and diagnostics including:

  • IP and Ethernet Service Testing in the Lab (during Service Design) or Field (during Service turn-up testing and benchmarking)
  • IP and Carrier Ethernet and testing based on ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 2544 methodologies
  • MEF 3.0 and CE 2.0 Carrier Ethernet testing for comprehensive service verification including service attributes and bandwidth profile (as per MEF 10.3) and SLAs.
  • Stateful TCP benchmarking (RFC 6349), UDP benchmarking
  • HTTP, VoIP and video on demand (VoD)
  • Traffic generators  (1/10/100G) based on physical (COTS-based) probes and virtual probes

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SAMTEST customer testimonials

SAMTEST has been highly appreciated by customers for saving cost and time.


4.3 / 5

“SAMTEST’s built-in automation reduces the time it takes to provision and turn-up our services, greatly improves Integra’s customers’ experience. The inclusion of this application in our process further advances our leading position in Carrier Ethernet Services.”

–Michael Sharpe, COO, Integra

“SAMTEST is a highly reliable CE 2.0 testing solution that has accelerated validation of new Ethernet services for Time Warner Cable. Manual testing efforts have been significantly reduced with SAMTEST automation, and the errors associated with having engineers execute detailed and repetitive test cases have been eliminated. In addition, the SAMTEST user interface simplifies and speeds up testing compared to other tools we have used in the past.”

–Lance Hassan, Director of Network Services and Automation, Time Warner Cable

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SAMTEST Industry recognitions.

Frost SAMTEST received The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Global Carrier Ethernet Testing Customer Value Leadership.
2015 Veryx NFV-pioneer award SAMTEST received INTERNET TELEPHONY NFV Pioneer Award.


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