Network Detection & Response

Find hidden threats proactively and respond rapidly

BrightVue Network Detection & Response (NDR)

Mitigate security risks to your network

Today, as businesses grow, they face rapidly growing cyber threats.  Further, post Covid-19, massive increases in social engineering attacks have been observed. Often new endpoints and BYOD are introduced adding potentially new sources of risk.

Veryx BrightVue NDR detection and analytics provides you the capabilities you need to proactively prioritize, mitigate and handle threats to businesses today such as:

  • Tracking of all kinds of changes – new users, devices and IOTs which are being added to the network with growth of business
  • Monitoring of work-from-home (WFH) traffic traversing through the enterprise network for threats and anomalies
  • Data Loss prevention – to guard against potential loss, misuse and utilization of infrastructure and data
  • Ensuring that work-from-home (WFH) users who are connected through shared devices and less-secure home networks are not compromised when they visit websites targeted by cyber-criminals.

With Veryx BrightVue NDR, you get 100% visibility and analytics of all traffic across your network– whether on-premise or cloud,

Key Benefits

  • Complete visibility of threats
  • Deep network analytics
  • Affordable, SaaS based solution


Figure 1. BrightVue NDR works both in on-prem and cloud environments

Figure 1. BrightVue NDR works both in on-prem and cloud environments

How it works

Veryx BrightVue NDR is a distributed and scalable network detection and response system.

Veryx BrightVue NDR passively monitors the network and collects metadata based on packet, application, and transaction data, using BrightVue FA probes deployed on-premise and in cloud. Veryx BrightVue NDR continuously monitors threats, anomalies, risks and patterns and provides alerts and alarms.

Figure 2. How Veryx BrightVue NDR works

Key Features:

  • Analyzes raw traffic or flows and provides deep network analytics
  • Gain complete visibility of users, assets, data and traffic in your digital world.
  • Continuously monitor threats, anomalies, risks and patterns

With a holistic view of network, with Veryx BrightVue NDR, IT security and operations teams are able to get better visibility of their network and quickly respond to security threats.

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