Veryx Attest Test Platform

Industry leading automated conformance and functional test suites for MEF, IEEE, ITU-T and IETF based protocols and standards

ATTEST - Equipment Testing

Automated Layer 2 and Layer 3 Testing for Switches and Routers

The changing nature of the networking industry has created challenges for network quality assurance teams. Technology advances are occurring at an ever-accelerating pace. At the same time, the pressures to bring new and innovative products to the market – faster and with higher quality and performance – continue.

ATTEST Test Suites

Veryx ATTEST-CATS (Comprehensive Automated Test Solution) consist of ATTEST-XP and ATTEST-CTS ready- to-run automated test suites for  protocol testing and analysis for a wide range of IP (IPv4 & IPv6  and MPLS) and Ethernet (MSTP/RSTP/STP, OAM, PTP, MRP and ring protection) protocols:

  • Veryx ATTEST-CTS test suites verify conformance to protocol standards.
  • Veryx ATTEST-XP test suites provide tests covering functionality, deployment scenarios in multi-protocol topologies, scalability, performance measurement, Interoperability, field testing and so on.


Figure 1: ATTEST test coverage (click to expand)


ATTEST Benefits



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ATTEST Customer Quotes

  • “I am really impressed with your software because it’s easy to use.”

–Test Engineer – Switch Division, USA

  • “Easily to select and to start each test case. I appreciate the graphical report showing a time-dependent sequence of arrows…. The possibility to get more information on each exchanged protocol by clicking on the related arrow makes it much easier.”

–QA Manager  – Equipment vendor, Germany

  • “Everyone on my end who’s taken the time to see and understand the software is very impressed. They were also very encouraged to find out that the modifications necessary to work with our products took basically a weekend to complete.”

–Test Engineer, Equipment vendor, USA

  • “Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the support I’ve gotten.  Product support is very important to us.”

– Test Manager – Industrial Networking

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How ATTEST works

ATTEST test suites are based on the Veryx ATTEST Framework – a powerful environment that makes testing and debugging faster and easier. Test scripts are written in industry standard Tcl/Tk.

ATTEST test solutions are provided on customized hardware platforms with the required number of Ethernet test interfaces.

Veryx ATTEST Test Platform provides network equipment manufacturers and network service providers a comprehensive range of solutions for conformance, functional and performance testing of equipment and networks.

ATTEST Test Set-up

Figure 2: ATTEST Setup Example


ATTEST Server Options:

Customers have the following choices of server for running ATTEST:

LINUX based COTS server: This is a software only installation of ATTEST server on customer’s LINUX based PC. The recommended configuration is x86 hardware, with 4GB RAM, 100GB Hard Disk, 4x1G Ethernet test ports, running LINUX Fedora Core 32.

VM based server: This is a software only installation of ATTEST server in a VM.

Veryx VT-400 appliance: Veryx VT-400 (Figure 3) is a compact platform with support for 4x1G test ports (non wire-speed).


Figure 3: VT-400

Xena traffic generator platform : Veryx offers a selection of ATTEST test suites in partnership with Xena Networks, for higher accuracy in time sensitive as well as wire-speed testing. Please contact Veryx to know about specific test interfaces and tests supported.

Figure 4. Xena traffic generator platforms

Figure 4: Xena Traffic generator Platforms

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ATTEST Test Framework

ATTEST is an integrated testing framework enables testers reduce time taken to test. ATTEST has many tester-friendly features such as flexible DUT control, CLI/ GUI-based access, easy debugging and detailed reporting.

ATTEST 6.x Test Framework supports a flexible and distributed environment catering to diverse test lab requirements for today’s dynamic conditions. ATTEST significantly speeds-up the testing cycles and accelerates product development. Its unique design results in minimal time for set-up and enables efficient use of time and resources.

ATTEST Clients provide intuitive access of ATTEST 6.x Framework Servers executing on ATTEST hardware platforms.

ATTEST Features

The powerful features which make ATTEST, a compelling tool that Network Equipment Manufacturers and Network Service providers can rely on to speed-up their testing are:

Attest 6.x Differentiators

Figure 5: ATTEST Features


Features Advantage Benefits
Multi-User Testing
  1.  1) Multiple ATTEST-based test servers executing test-cases can be operated from ATTEST test clients spread over the network.
  2.  2) Web-based access to reports
  1.  1) Provides central management of user access, test results and reports, while facilitating a flexible distributed test environment.
  2. 2) Any-time, any-where access to highly informative test reports and test results.
Higher Testing Productivity

1) Requires very minimal setup time

2) Ensures portability of test suites

3) The highly automated framework helps to verify implementations faster

1) Test Engineers can start using the product almost immediately.

2) Enables testers to verify multiple test environments.

3) Reduces “time required to test” and enhancing “time to market”.

Intelligent Testing Takes away the testing and execution load from the test engineer. Allows the test engineer to fully focus on identifying and fixing any test failures.
Effective Test Management Enables QA Engineers with up to-the-minute status at any time during testing and without having to go through exhaustive log reports. Helps optimize costly test resources by facilitating scheduling of selected tests at pre-defined timeframes.
Zero Touch Execution

1) Easy Test Reporting that clearly provides the Pass/Fail/Abort result.

2) Test execution details are logged for a more detailed analysis

1) The Test Progress can be easily reviewed on screen.

2) In the event of a test failing, the detailed logs can be reviewed for problem isolation and debugging.

24×7 Testing Capability Supports 24*7 regression testing requirements by enabling the option to schedule for any desired time of the day. Helps optimize test lab resources and facilities execution during non-working hours, week-ends and holidays.


Result Provides detailed test logs and packet sequences with ability to drill-down to the extent of individual decoded packets.  Easy Viewing and analyzing test results using the ATTEST Client
Schedule batch execution Schedules tests to execute a group of test cases in fully automated manner. Reduces the load from the tester.
Reporting Provides a comprehensive report on the comparison of test cycles Easy analysis and management of the test process.


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