• SAMTEST is a highly reliable CE 2.0 testing solution that has accelerated validation of new Ethernet services for Time Warner Cable. Manual testing efforts have been significantly reduced with SAMTEST automation, and the errors associated with having engineers execute detailed and repetitive test cases have been eliminated. In addition, the SAMTEST user interface simplifies and speeds up testing compared to other tools we have used in the past.

    Lance Hassan

    Director of Network Services and Automation



  • SAMTEST’s built-in automation reduces the time it takes to provision and turn-up our services, greatly improves Integra’s customers’ experience. The inclusion of this application in our process further advances our leading position in Carrier Ethernet Services.

    Michael Sharpe




  • WireIE uses Veryx SAMTEST to quickly validate CE 2.0 service design and fine tune the equipment configurations to meet our SLAs. SAMTEST’s user friendly interface, comprehensive test coverage and built-in automation are very helpful in simplifying and expediting our CE 2.0 service design process.

    George Kaichis



  • With a return on investment (ROI) period of approximately 3 months, the SAMTEST solution has proved to reduce customer time and efforts in managing Ethernet circuits by almost 80%.

    Olga Shapiro

    Senior Research Analyst


  • I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the support I’ve gotten. Product support is very important to us and has made me very confident in your company going forward.

    Dan Schaffer

    Test Manager



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