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Network Traffic Visibility & End User Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)
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Cloudmon Network Traffic Monitoring Highlights

Quick and Easy Setup
Begin running without management overheads or dependence on vendor technologies.
100% visibility of Network
Know how the network is being used and identify potential failures and anomalies
End User Digital Experience Monitoring

Observability from user endpoint’s viewpoint


Reduces alert noise drastically and helps focus on incidents based on criticality

Flexible for your needs
Supported in Cloud and On-premise

Cloudmon-NTM Product Features

Feature Standard Pro
100% visibility for both on-premise and public cloud
Monitor the active flows and hosts of your network
Support for 200+ protocols (Facebook, YouTube, BitTorrent, etc.)
Visualize hosts’ historical application protocols usage
Identify top talkers (senders and receivers)
See top HTTP sites contacted by an host
Configurable alerts
Alert notifications by Email, Teams, Slack etc.
Automation of Remediation
Asset and user management
Identify attackers and victims in real-time and in the past
 User Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) No
Multi-site (distributed) Limited*
One-touch installation (AWS / on-premise)

Premium technical support



* Limited to 3 sites


Detailed Use Cases
Cloudmon NTM dashboard
Network Usage Monitoring

Monitor your entire global network infrastructure to ensure your digital business is delivering expected performance. With Cloudmon you have visibility into all network traffic. This makes it easy to manage the network infrastructure effectively and troubleshoot issues whether on-premise, in public cloud, and in hybrid environments.

Using real-time packet acquisition and multi-stage analytic processing, Veryx Cloudmon NTM delivers powerful capabilities, such as congestion detection, and decoding of more than 200 applications.

With a holistic view of network, plus the ability to contextually drill into domain-specific details, using Cloudmon NTM, businesses are able to reduce the number of hand offs between IT domain groups and drastically improve resolution time for application and network outages.

Cloudmon NTM DEM
End User Digital Experience Monitoring

With Cloudmon NTM, you’ll boost end-user experiences and enable the productivity of your remote workforce.

With the Cloudmon NTM, you get to see exactly what your remote end users experience on their devices. You can isolate the cause of delays to the network, device, or applications to quickly diagnose and resolve problems. Track usage and experience over time to continually improve performance while streamlining investments.


Pricing (in US$)

Endpoints Standard Pro
Hourly Yearly Hourly Yearly
25 0.217 1,715 0.434 3,434
50 0.346 2,743 0.759 6,009
100 0.432 3,424 1.214 9,611
250 0.973 7,703 2.817 22,313
500 1.673 13,250 5.145 40,750
1,000 2.677 21,200 9.187 77,762
2,500 Contact Sales
5,000 Contact Sales
5,000 Contact Sales
10,000 Contact Sales
Higher Contact Sales
To know pricing for higher number of endpoints
Cloudmon NTM on AWS


Cloudmon NTM is available via the AWS Marketplace.

We offer 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 devices options. For higher number of devices contact our sales team.

Cloudmon NTM is made available on AWS Marketplace as an AWS CloudFormation Template, and gets deployed as customers’ own Amazon EC2 Cloud instance using 1-Click or using the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

With Cloudmon NTM on AWS, you can be up and running, getting visibility of your network traffic within a matter of minutes!

By subscribing to Cloudmon NTM through the AWS Marketplace, customers can pay for Veryx products through their regular AWS bill. The product is available in all AWS regions.


Cloudmon NTM on AWS
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