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Cloudmon IT Infrastructure Monitoring Product Highlights

Quick and Easy Setup
Begin running without management overheads or dependence on vendor technologies.
Synthetic Network Monitoring
Monitor network quality of service (QoS) and availability for SaaS, websites and business critical resources
High Frequency Monitoring
Monitor specific resources at higher granularity to see intermittent events and spikes at 1 second intervals
Set up intelli-alerts with Cloudmon’s rule engine to cut alert noise and troubleshoot incidents quickly
Flexible for your Needs
Supported in Cloud and on-premise

Cloudmon-ITIM Product Features

Feature Basic Standard Pro
Server and VM monitoring (private/public cloud)
Network device and IP end-point monitoring
Remote user device monitoring
Agent-less and agent-based infrastructure monitoring
Automated agent discovery
Network path trace
SLA management
Intelligent alerts (alert noise reduction)
Notification – Email, Teams, Slack, OpsGenie, Zoho Desk etc.
Automation of remediation
IaaS availability (synthetic monitoring) Limited*
Critical resource monitoring (upto 1 second polling interval) No LimitedΔ
Synthetic Network performance monitoring (IPv4) Limited*
Synthetic Network performance monitoring (IPv6)  No No
Multi-site (distributed) No
Number of end-points supported  25 Upto 500 > 500
One-touch installation (AWS / on-premise)

Premium technical support  No



* Limited to total of 2 endpoints (IaaS or Network links). To get free download of Basic edition, click button on top banner of Cloudmon ITIM landing page.

Δ Limited to 10% of licensed nodes (for example, for a 100 pack license – max of 10 endpoints can be monitored)

Detailed Use Cases
Server Monitoring

System administrators monitor their servers because they wish to ensure the health and performance of their server infrastructure (physical or virtual) to support the applications running on them. Using Cloudmon-ITIM they can track these metrics for alarms and suitably configure threshold alerts in a manner that the right and minimal number of alerts are reported in the tool.

Cloudmon-ITIM Server Monitoring feature does performance monitoring of physical servers and virtual machines (private and public cloud). It tracks more than 100 metrics ranging from physical parameters (CPU, memory, disk etc.), virtual machine (VM) metrics (process etc.) as well as parameters relating to public cloud (instances, IPs, Availability Zone etc.). Cloudmon-ITIM performs monitoring of VMs in AWS, Azure and GCP.

When needed System administrators may also drill down to specific servers or VMs based on various filters and alarms raised, to determine potential problems or trouble-shoot to find the root cause of problems reported.

Network Monitoring - LAN and WAN

Cloudmon-ITIM network monitoring feature provides monitoring of network devices for health and performance. It also performs WAN IP End-point monitoring for availability and performance.

Cloudmon-ITIM LAN monitoring enables System administrators to keep track of their entire local network, including your workstations, routers, switches, etc. using SNMP and automatically notifies if there are any alarms.

Cloudmon-ITIM WAN monitoring enables System administrators to keep track of IT infrastructure geographically dispersed in remote locations as would be the case for branch locations or even applications. It thus acts as a centralized monitoring solution for all your WANs.

System administrators can set up alerts if the thresholds are crossed and trace the network path to determine if any segment of the network are having congestion or other failures.

Note that network traffic monitoring is not supported in Cloudmon-ITIM. Veryx Cloudmon-NTM needs to be used for perform traffic monitoring, including user experience monitoring.

Critical Resource Monitoring

Cloudmon-ITIM monitors the availability of business-critical applications or other critical resources in a very effective manner. Cloudmon-ITIM has the unique capability to monitor at high granularity of upto 1 second, thus ensuring that spikes are not missed during the monitoring interval.

It is to be noted that Cloudmon-ITIM does not support Application Performance Monitoring (APM). However, Cloudmon-ITIM does provide the ability to ensure that your business-critical applications are available and accessible. Instead of using APM tools like AppDynamics, New Relic etc., which monitor the performance of applications at the source code level, system administrators would use Cloudmon-ITIM since they would be more concerned that their mission-critical applications and resources are available and stable.

Remote User Device Monitoring

Gartner estimates that post Covid-19, a majority of employees are working from home.  Thus IT operation teams need to be able to effectively monitor remote user devices so as to ensure performance of their devices and applications running on them.

Cloudmon-ITIM monitors remote end point devices for health and performance. From a central location, System administrators are able to know if the devices are powered off or not performing well. In addition, Cloudmon-ITIM monitors device hardware and software metrics. System administrators can also see all the applications running on the remote devices in order to trouble-shoot potential issues. This can be valuable in supporting employees who are connecting from remote WFH locations.

Cloudmon-ITIM does not collect any personal information or ‘see’ any of the data or information that is accessed by individual remote end point device users.

Note that user experience monitoring is not supported in Cloudmon-ITIM. In order to perform digital user experience monitoring, use Veryx Cloudmon-NTM, a companion product.

Tool Consolidation
Cloudmon ITIM is a unified proactive IT infrastructure monitoring and diagnostic solution for enterprises, data centre and cloud providers that presents in-depth performance information of all the infrastructure entities.
Cloudmon ITIM performs the function of multiple tools:

  • ​Performance Monitoring of physical servers and virtual machines (private and public cloud)
  • Performance Monitoring of network devices
  • Availability Monitoring of business critical applications
  • Performance Monitoring of WAN end points
  • Performance Monitoring of remote end point devices

In addition to the above, Cloudmon ITIM helps in trouble-shooting problems that arise in the above areas.

Pricing (in US$)

Endpoints Basic Standard Pro
Hourly Yearly Hourly Yearly Hourly Yearly
25 Free Free        
50 0.084 605
100 0.151 1,089
250 0.340 2,450
500 0.579 4,165
1,000 1.388 10,997
2,500 Contact Sales
5,000 Contact Sales
10,000 Contact Sales
Higher Contact Sales
To know pricing for higher number of endpoints
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