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Cloudmon IT Infrastructure Monitoring Product Highlights

Quick and Easy Setup

Begin running without management overheads or dependence on vendor technologies.

Synthetic Network Monitoring

Monitor network quality of service (QoS) and availability for SaaS, websites and business critical resources

High Frequency Monitoring
Monitor specific resources at higher granularity to see intermittent events and spikes at 1 second intervals
Set up intelli-alerts with Cloudmon’s rule engine to cut alert noise and troubleshoot incidents quickly
Flexible for your Needs
Supported in Cloud and on-premise

Cloudmon ITIM Product Variants

Feature Standard Pro
Infrastructure monitoring – Agent-less and Agent-based
Automatic discovery of agents
Real-time data from servers, devices, networks etc.
Dashboards and reporting
Infrastructure monitoring – Agent-less and Agent-based
Network path trace
Monitoring resolution Upto 1 Minute Upto 1 Second
Synthetic network QoS monitoring (LAN + WAN) IPv4 IPv4 & IPv6
Incident management

Rule Engine

Rule Engine & incident automation

Detailed Use Cases
Tool Consolidation

Cloudmon ITIM is a unified proactive IT infrastructure monitoring and diagnostic solution for enterprises, data centre and cloud providers that presents in-depth performance information of all the infrastructure entities.
Cloudmon ITIM performs the function of multiple tools:

  • ​Performance Monitoring of legacy servers and virtualized servers
  • Performance Monitoring of Cloud platforms and SaaS applications
  • Performance Monitoring of network devices
  • Performance Monitoring of WAN
  • Performance Monitoring of remote end point devices

In addition to the above, Cloudmon ITIM helps in trouble-shooting problems that arise in the above areas.

Remote Device Monitoring

Gartner estimates that post Covid-19, the percentage of remote users in an enterprise could be as high as 85%. Hence it becomes important for IT operation teams to monitor such remote user devices as part of their infrastructure and be able to provide effective support for performance of their device or applications running on them. Cloudmon ITIM monitors device health, performance and usage.

​In today’s digital enterprises, infrastructure assets are often distributed geographically and accessible over WAN. Cloudmon ITIM performs active monitoring of all the WAN locations and enables IT operations and network teams to be aware of availability and QoS (latency, jitter, loss) of these links

Pricing (in US $)

Endpoints Standard Pro
To know pricing for higher number of endpoints
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