Company Overview

About Us

Veryx – Assess. Assure. Accelerate. The Everywhere Network

Veryx provides superior intelligence and deep insights for your network with its innovative solutions.

What We Do

Veryx visibility, monitoring, security and testing solutions enables enterprises, cloud providers, data centers and telcos achieve superior insight into their networks.

Veryx does the hard work of tracking the network and making sense of the state of the network, so that customers can focus on what they do best – grow their business.

A significant feature of all Veryx solutions is that they deliver significant reduction in time and effort, resulting in quick return on investment.

As more and more customers choose Veryx solutions for their network visibility, monitoring, security and validation requirements, we at Veryx continue to innovate to provide highly automated and flexible solutions. Our unique product design and architecture, coupled with intuitive interfaces, provides highly efficient and capable platforms.

Who We Are

Over the past fifteen years of operation, Veryx has earned the reputation of being an innovative and reliable network test and measurement solutions provider to customers globally and recognized by the industry for its innovations.

Veryx has technology and marketing partnerships with leading players in the communications networking industry.

Veryx continuously expands the scope and range of its offerings and has technology labs located in India and sales offices and channel partners worldwide. The company is privately funded.

Our Offerings

Veryx product families are listed in the table below.

Product Uses Customer Type
SAMTEST Service performance monitoring, activation testing, benchmarking, planning, design, diagnostics.
  • Telecom network service providers,
  • Cloud and Data centers
SAMTEST Enterprise WAN performance monitoring.
  • Financial, healthcare, gaming, retail etc.
Veryx probes & taps Visibility, monitoring, traffic generation for physical and virtual environments.
  • Cloud & Data center,
  • Telecom network service providers
  • Enterprises
Veryx FlowAnalyzer Passive monitoring of end user experience, micro-burst detection, anomaly detection.
  • Enterprises
  • Cloud & Data center
  • Telecom network service providers
XORUS Security  Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Cloud & Data Center
  • Enterprises
ATTEST Conformance and functional testing.
  • Network equipment vendors


Further, Veryx professional services enable customers to take advantage of its experience and track record in software development, automation, customization, integration and testing.