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Technology Labs

Veryx Technology Labs (VTL) offers a full-fledged network testing laboratory to enable network equipment providers to verify their implementations. Telecom vendors can now take advantage of Veryx's products and test infrastructure to reduce their testing timelines.

VTL is an effective leverage of Veryx's communications domain knowledge and readily available test expertise to the benefit of our customers.

Through our Technology Labs Services options Veryx provides its customers:

  •  Exhaustive test library of over 20000 test cases

  •  Flexible choices of test platforms and other test infrastructure

  •  Independent test verification by Veryx expert test engineers

  •  Options to rent the needed tests assets

  •  Remote VPN-based secure access to VTL lab test setup

  •  Flexible engagement models

The Labs are available in USA and other locations.

For more details on our Technology Labs contact us.