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Test Case List Samples

Test Case List Samples

Carrier EthernetCTSXP
Veryx ATTEST PB (Provider Bridges)
Veryx ATTEST CFM (Connectivity Fault Management) 802.1 ag
Veryx ATTEST EFM OAM (Ethernet in the First Mile Operations, Administration and Maintenance) or Link-OAM 802.3ah
Veryx ATTEST Service-OAM (Service – Operations, Administration and Maintenance) Y.1731
Veryx ATTEST BFD-MPLS (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection protocol for Multiprotocol Label Switching)
Veryx ATTEST LDP-MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching Protocol – Label Distribution Protocol)
 Layer 2CTSXP
Veryx ATTEST LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol)
Veryx ATTEST LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
Veryx ATTEST MSTP (Multiple spanning tree protocol)
Veryx ATTEST MVRP/MRP (Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol / Media Redundancy Protocol)
Veryx ATTEST RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
Veryx ATTEST STP (Spanning tree protocol)
Veryx ATTEST VLAN (Virtual Local Area Networks)
Veryx ATTEST MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol)
Veryx ATTEST 802.1x/PNAC (Port-based Network Access Control)
Veryx ATTEST IGMP V1/V2 (Internet Group Management Protocol Version 1/ Version 2)
Veryx ATTEST IGMP V3 (Internet Group Management Protocol Version 3)
Veryx ATTEST PIM-SM V2 (Protocol Independent Multicast – Sparse-Mode Version 2)
Veryx ATTEST PIM- DM V2 (Protocol Independent Multicast – Dense Mode Version 2)
Veryx ATTEST BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection)
Veryx ATTEST BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol 4)
Veryx ATTEST DHCP  Server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
Veryx ATTEST IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4)
Veryx ATTEST ISISV4 (Intermediate System – Intermediate System routing Protocol- Version 4)
Veryx ATTEST OSPF V2 (Open Shortest Path First protocol Version 2)
Veryx ATTEST RIP (Routing Information Protocol)
Veryx ATTEST IKE V1 (Internet Key Exchange Version 1)
Veryx ATTEST IKE V2 (Internet Key Exchange Version 2)
Veryx ATTEST IP NAT (Network Address Translation)
Veryx ATTEST IPSec (Internet Protocol Security)
Veryx ATTEST MLD-Router (Multicast Listener Discovery – Router)
Veryx ATTEST MLD-Listener (Multicast Listener Discovery – Listener) 
Veryx ATTEST PIM-SMv6 (Protocol Independent Multicast – Sparse-Mode Version 6)
Veryx ATTEST PIM-DMv6 (Protocol Independent Multicast – Dense Mode Version 6)
Veryx ATTEST BGP4+ (Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 for IPv6)
Veryx ATTEST IPv6 H (Internet Protocol Version 6 Host)
Veryx ATTEST IPv6 R (Internet Protocol Version 6 Router)
Veryx ATTEST IPv6T (Internet Protocol Version 6 Tunnel)
Veryx ATTEST ISISv6 (Intermediate System – Intermediate System routing Protocol- Version 6)
Veryx ATTEST OSPFv3 (Open Shortest Path First protocol Version 3)
Veryx ATTEST RIPng (Routing Information Protocol next generation)