Carrier Ethernet and IP Networks

SAMTEST for comprehensive and automated Carrier Ethernet and IP network service verification, SLA performance monitoring and visibility

Testing and Monitoring solutions for Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and IP Network Services

The evolution of Carrier Ethernet and IP amidst exponential rise in video and mobile traffic, means that network service providers, cloud service providers, enterprises and network equipment vendors are struggling to keep up. New demands are forcing these service providers and vendors to evolve their networks quickly—creating complex, multi-layered architectures.

Veryx offers Comprehensive range testing and monitoring solutions that greatly help the service providers and vendors in simplify Carrier Ethernet and IP network complexities. Veryx solutions include:

SAMTEST range of comprehensive service testing and monitoring solutions

SAMTEST solution covers automated testing and monitoring across Layer 2 to Layer 7, including MEF CE 2.0, Y.1564, RFC 2544, Y.1731, TWAMP, RFC 6349 (Stateful TCP Benchmarking) and other application layer standards such as HTTP, VoIP and Video on Demand.

SAMTEST service testing and monitoring solutions are available in range of hardware test platforms and virtual test platforms.

ATTEST range of conformance and functional testing solutions

ATTEST, an industry leading conformance and functional test solution, covers various IEEE, IETF and MEF standards defined functionalities relating to forwarding, routing, quality of service, security, redundancy etc. Coverage includes MEF CE 2.0, MPLS-TP, G.8032 (ERPS), Service OAM (Y.1731), Link OAM (802.3ah), CFM (802.1ag), IPv4, IPv6 and other Layer 2 protocols bridging, security and industrial Ethernet protocols.

ATTEST solutions are well known for depth of test coverage, ease of integration and high levels of automation.