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SAMTEST for Service Assurance

RFC2544 and ITU-T Y.1564 tests though necessary, are not sufficient to ensure service verification in CE networks.

 Often Carrier Ethernet service providers rely on either ITU-T Y.1564 or RFC2544 tests, to check network integrity before service turn-up. However, experience shows that there are a number of other problems that could potentially lie undetected until customers start using the network. Configuration mismatches and equipment interoperability issues can result in a number of problems relating to VLANs, CoS, burst handling, security, etc.

The cost and effort of truck rolls for resolution of these issues tend to be high. The resulting decline in customer loyalty due to service disruptions is obvious.


Cloud Services

Veryx SAMTEST automated test enables automated service activation and diagnostics of Carrier Ethernet Services for Cloud Services Delivery.

Network Services

Veryx SAMTEST provides a comprehensive combination of tests that cover ITU-T Y.1564, MEF CE 2.0, ITU-T Y.1731 and other proprietary tests for quick and thorough verification of circuits before turn-up.