Testing, performance benchmarking, Active monitoring, intelligent diagnostics, troubleshooting and visibility for Carrier Ethernet, SDN, NFV.

Automated Service Assurance Software and Hardware Platforms

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service design and conformance testing Carrier Ethernet IP Service turn-up and activation Testing Carrier Ethernet IP Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Carrier Ethernet IP active performance monitoring NFV Performance Testing, Benchmarking and Visibility

While networks are seeing exponential traffic growth fuelled by higher mix of video traffic, service providers are under pressure to reduce opex while focusing on increasing customer satisfaction and SLA adherence.

SAMTEST provides the efficiency and capabilities required by service providers to effectively design, roll-out and manage their Ethernet/IP network services, for providing Cloud Services, Business Services and Mobile Backhaul. SAMTEST also enables service providers to benchmark specific sections of Access, Metro and Core networks and expedites end-to-end troubleshooting.

SAMTEST is a one-stop solution for service testing and monitoring from Layer 2 through Layer 7, all in a single platform. SAMTEST provides a comprehensive framework for

  • Service Testing in the Lab (during Service Design) or Field (during Service turn-up testing and benchmarking)
  • Active Performance Monitoring
  • Application Performance Benchmarking
  • Intelligent Diagnostics and Analytics
  • Visibility at Application level, Service level and Network level.

The components of SAMTEST include

  • SAMTEST Controller for centralized administration of testing and monitoring. Know more.
  • Hardware based Test Probe for active traffic generation. Know more.
  • Software Test Probe as a VNF (vProbe) for active traffic generation. Know more.
  • Virtual Tap (vTAP) for passive network visibility. Know more.

Veryx SAMTEST performs testing, monitoring and visibility on traditional networks as well as SDN, NFV and Cloud infrastructure.

Frost Veryx SAMTEST received The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2014 for Global Carrier Ethernet Testing Customer Value Leadership.
2015 Veryx NFV-pioneer award Veryx SAMTEST also received 2015 INTERNET TELEPHONY NFV Pioneer Award, for leading the way in NFV.




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