PktBlaster SDN

Real-world SDN network emulation and controller performance benchmarking for production networks

Openflow SDN Controller Testing Solution

Equipment vendors and service providers alike need to perform extensive testing of SDN Controllers, but usually have to work with limited budgets and time.

Download PktBlaster SDN Performance Benchmarking solution commercial grade Open Flow Software Defined Networking controllers

Veryx PktBlaster SDN Controller Test is the industry’s first integrated test solution for Benchmarking SDN Controller Performance and Emulating SDN networks in a single box. PktBlaster SDN Controller Test is a software based solution that runs on Veryx hardware or any other commodity hardware, and emulates hundreds of nodes and millions of flows, significantly reducing the need for large-scale physical network infrastructure for testing and benchmarking SDN controllers. PktBlaster SDN is industry’s first tool aligned with IETF SDN Controller performance benchmarking draft.

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PktBlaster SDN Controller Test is available in two flavors:

Features Lite Premium
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Performance Benchmarking
 OpenFlow version 1.0, 1.3 Yes Yes
 Throughput, Latency Measurement (Fixed Load) Yes Yes
 Throughput, Latency Measurement (Varying Load) No Yes
OpenFlow session type – TCP Yes Yes
 Simulating mix of OpenFlow switch versions No Yes
 Switch Discovery Time No Yes
 Robustness Tests No Yes
 Max. no. of Simulated switches  16 1000
Max. no. of flows 100000 1000000
Configurable Data Packet length (64 to 512 bytes) 64B Yes
Detailed sharable reports Yes Yes
Network Emulator
 OpenFlow version 1.0, 1.3 Yes Yes
Max. no. of Emulated Switches 16 200
Detailed port statistics Yes Yes
Detailed flow statistics Yes Yes
Switch and Port Failover Yes Yes