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Network Security

Computer networks are increasingly becoming targets of security threats from both within and without. Network Security is thus a primary aspect of any network deployment today.

As network equipment manufacturers continue to enhance and develop new products using open platforms and third-party software, the availability of Veryx's Functional automated tests for verifying security functionality in several deployment scenarios, provides the advantage of reduced testing time and shorter time to market, with enhanced quality.

Veryx's Network Security test offerings are available as part of Veryx ATTEST-XP

Veryx ATTEST Network Security Test Suites

ATTEST-XP test suites
(Functional Tests)
ATTEST-CTS test suites
(Conformance Tests)
  • ACL
  • DOS Attack
  • NAT
  • 802.1X
  • IKEv1
  • IKEv2
  • IPSec

Veryx ATTEST-XP Network Security test suites perform Functional testing of features such as 802.1X (port and network access control), ACLs (access control lists), and surviving DoS (denial of service) attacks in switches and routers.

The test cases verify port authentication on all device ports for port-based and MAC-based authentication. Data streams from large number of stations are generated at wire speed with the help of third party hardware test equipment to verify the ability to handle IP as well as MAC-based Access control list filters. Handling of denial of service attacks using ARP, TCP and ICMP messages for wire speed loads are verified.

Platform requirements:

Testing Framework

PC System

(Client-Server architecture)

ATTEST Server - Server grade PC with 8 to 24 test ports (Fedora Core 6 or above, 64 bit OS)

Contact Veryx for recommended systems.

Third-party traffic generator. Contact Veryx for
recommended systems.

ATTEST Client(s) - Windows / Linux