Network Testing and Monitoring Tools

Veryx offers testing and measurement solutions for networks based on Cloud, Ethernet, IP, SDN, and NFV

Veryx technologies is an innovative provider of visibility, monitoring and testing tools for enterprises, telecom service providers, cloud providers, data centers and equipment manufacturers

The following table provides an overview the Veryx product family.

Product Uses Customer Type
SAMTEST Service performance monitoring, activation testing, benchmarking, planning, design, diagnostics
  • Telecom network service providers,
  • Cloud and Data centers
SAMTEST Enterprise WAN performance monitoring
  • Financial, healthcare, gaming, retail etc.
Veryx probes & taps Visibility, monitoring, traffic generation for physical and virtual environments.
  • Cloud & Data center,
  • Telecom network service providers
  • Enterprises
Veryx FlowAnalyzer Passive monitoring of end user experience, micro-burst detection, anomaly detection.
  • Enterprises
  • Cloud & Data center and
  • Telecom network service providers
RETINA Visibility and Infrastructure monitoring.
  • Cloud & Data center and
  • Enterprises
ATTEST Conformance and functional testing.
  • Network equipment vendors
PktBlaster-SDN SDN Controller network emulation and benchmarking.
  • Network equipment vendors and
  • Telecom service providers